Off Self Streaming Prices

Off Self Streaming Prices

 attn: all independent musicians

re:  Covid-19 Relief, FB Live, etc.

Our venues are closed, Our tours have been canceled,

festivals and Large Gatherings are over indefinitely .

 -  facebook live says no live music  - 

streaming is the best way for us to connect to fans 


the music STREAMING service

for musicians

the music SHARING service

by musicians 
* every streaming tool you need *

* weekly instruction from industry insiders *

* Learn traffic and conversion *

* Learn Engagement and indoctrination*


-  Learn how to Get Synciated At No Cost -




School Starts Today.

  •  Education and coaching

  • Everything required

    for take off

make this viral. people need to know.

Live Streaming Is Complicated


Best in Class: live In Session

Learn to stream your shows 

-> learn to bill Your fans directly <-

 Roku, smart tv's they use OTT 

and now you're down with ott; on me

* your tuition free education includes *

* custom app on Roku/pple/Amazon, Google TV *

* 24/7 Live Channel Manager *

* Shopping  Cart and Ecommerce *

* Social Media Tools *

* Stream Everywhere at once *

* more than you need to read to succeed *

* Enroll In Our Socially Distant Syndication *

 * Weekly Class Attendance Is Required *

* Space for the first class; UNLIMITED *

* Tens of Thousands in Broadcast Solutions *

* for musicians by musicians *

* no cost to you..*



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